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40-Years-Of-The-PNG-ConstitutionBUSA JEREMIAH WENOGO | PNG Informal Economist

THE justice that we all seek and the truth that we all yearn for is an undeniable right bequeathed to every Papua New Guinean by God almighty and enshrined in our Constitution.

No one can take that away from us; not even by force. To do so is treason.

When we the people express our dissent against a ‘democratically elected’ government that enslaves our alienable rights through the use of undemocratic tactics, we ought to be heard loud and clear for that is our democratic right.

The creation of any government is a function of our democratic rights; a cornerstone of our democracy. What is a government without the governed? What is a leader without the followers?

Truth cannot and will not be compatible with lies, deception and deceit. What is wrong cannot be made right. When the truth is made plain, clear silence has to give way to dissension. Our silence by default is a result of our ignorance to the truth but when truth is made known our discord and discontent is our plea for justice.

The denial of the truth has this nation bordering on civil unrest.

Its suppression will only be at the expense of our own people.

In such times, men of calibre step up to defuse a tense situation through acts of valour and self-sacrifice.

The current prime minister, being the leader of this country, is called to do likewise and set a clear example to future leaders. His refusal to do so is only sowing the seed for a future where leaders will not have any respect for the rule of law.

The nation’s future should not be forfeited for protecting an individual’s self-interest. Papua New Guinea belongs to all of us.

The position of prime minister is the most public position in PNG. It exists for the sole sake and benefit of eight million Papua New Guineans. As such it is accountable to all Papua New Guineans regardless of creed, colour, disabilities, socio-economic status, religious affiliation and ethnicity.

It is an authority set up by the people of this country to be the defence against internal and foreign threat and to protect our inalienable rights from deprivation and exploitation. It does not exist to harbour tyranny and promote an individual or group’s interest at the expense of the majority.

The title ‘prime minister’ epitomises a unified sovereign nation and its bearer should at all times endeavour to be the symbol of Papua New Guinea's people, cultures, beliefs and dreams.

Since the university students have boycotted classes over serious allegations levelled against the prime minister, the public have been privy to new information that seems to unravel the behind the scenes developments that have led to the current political crisis.

Thanks to the internet and mobile phone revolution, social media platforms such as Facebook are churning out important information that is enlightening an ignorant public about the details of the current saga.

Each new day the public is becoming emboldened by the truth; its suppressors more hesitant as a result of its revelation.

It is a matter of time before the whole truth sees the light of day. This year could be a year of reckoning for PNG as a country if all Papua New Guineans stay the course in pursuit of truth.

To those who argue that it is the prime minister’s constitutional rights to seek court’s deliberation on his arrest over Parakagate affair, they must realise that he must also respect the rights of every Papua New Guinean to whom he has solemnly taken an oath to protect.

His pursuit of his own justice should not disadvantage the nation's pursuit for truth and justice.

It is a universal truth that the smaller entity must give up its freedom to the larger entity. That is the only way to maintain integrity. This means that the prime minister should be ready to surrender himself to face the full force of the law as required by the law of the land.

When he creates roadblocks to derail people's pursuit f truth it is against the spirit and intent of the oath he has sworn to uphold.

At such a time as we are now in, both sides, the prime minister PM and the people of this country, should strive to seek the truth and nothing but the truth to set this nation free from oppression and imminent destruction.


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