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ECONOMIST Paul Flanagan, whose forthright and forensically assembled reports have got him banned from entering Papua New Guinea by the O’Neill government, has established a new economics vehicle as part of his broader enterprise, Indo-Pacific Public Policy and Economics Pty Ltd.

PNG Economics (website is being launched at the annual Australia PNG Business Forum currently being held in Cairns.

“It will be the hub for my future work on PNG,” Flanagan says, “providing timely, accurate, frank and fearless analysis of PNG’s economy and business environment.”

Flanagan says the website will cover such vital issues as PNG’s economic opportunities and risks, the strategies that are most appropriate for PNG’s changing times and early warnings about economic matters like exchange rates and public finance that business needs to know about.

In recent time, Flanagan’s perceptive analysis of PNG economic and budget matters has proven to be prescient and accurate and, although attacked strenuously by a PNG government embarrassed about disclosing the true state of affairs, would have assisted business firms that took it seriously to prepare for tougher times.

PNG Economics’ free public website provides regular high level analysis and general information on PNG’s economy and also offers greater analysis and research on a paid basis.

Flanagan has a stall at the Cairns PNG-Australia business expo which, strangely perhaps in terms of his great understanding of the PNG economy and business climate, has not asked him to give a presentation.

After the business forum, Flanagan will use the new website to provide commentary on key conference presentations as well as recent economic dramas such as the PNG government’s apparent failure to secure a bail-out loan from the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation.


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Alex Nicolson

Good for you Paul. The more well informed and fearless material on PNG the better for everyone.

Michael Dom

Sore ia, O'Neill mas bin skipim dispela class taim em stap sumatin long UPNG - Financial Planning and Management 101.

Emi orait, yupela toksave long em olsem exam postpone long ol sumatin protest, tasol em ken raitim wanpela essay long topic stand-by lecturer b'long em Prof Mellam ibin givim em, theme emi olsem:

"the most basic rules of managing finances - don't spend what you don't have, and don't borrow to spend what you can't earn."

Plis, O'Neill raitim long 5,000 words - na noken traim long giaman, bai miepla sikelim ol references blo yu tu ia.

Michael Dom

Thank you, Paul Flanagan.

I took a quick look at your website and the first three posts and read about the IFC loan particularly.

I look forward to the next installments after today's decision by the IFC board.

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