Huge rally against Peter O’Neill as students refuse to yield
Is Papua New Guinea in a leaderless state?

Peter knows how to remain in power


An entry in the Crocodile Prize

Peter was made Pope by twisting a verse.
His reincarnation became a chief
When he covered himself in blue trousers
And made Capris look like a petty thief.

To stay blameless, he mastered casuistry
And manipulated those in the Haus
With clinks of gold and calls to ministry;
A ministry to keep him in the Haus.

He made friends that only money could buy;
The kiss of a judge and faith of a soldier.
Leo and co weren’t born of virgins. That’s why,
They must bow and kiss the feet of Peter.

Peter knows how to remain in power;
Before anyone speaks, fill his coffer.

Peter was made Chief by the populace,
Who hailed him when he gave them a Bible
And free books in which to bury their faces,
So they won’t see the oncoming trouble.

He amused them with clowns in a stadium
And coddled them with fat fiscal figures,
So they won’t rise in a pandemonium
Should they realize that it’s only numbers.

When he sold their island to some white folks,
Some people protested. But he let time
Silenced them. When he was brought to the courts,
He drowned the guys accusing him of crime.

Peter knows how to remain in power;
Let them speak now, they’ll be silent sooner.

For poor Penge, two things define power,
The people’s ignorance and their indifference.
And if you can let money and time yield silence
For a little longer, you can be just like Peter.


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Michael Dom

Hey Wardley, that's an honest image of our politicians. I'm going to have to start collecting all of these tributes together, as well as the versified quips from LFB.

Wardley Barry

I tried a clerihew, Michael.

Our parliamentarians are like prostitutes.
They go where there are lots of money and utes,
And sell their pride and dignity to the highest bidder.
This time, it happens to be someone called “Peter”.

The way things are going, I don't think any of them want to divorce the Big Man.

Michael Dom

That's some potent stuff.

'Peter knows how to remain in power;'
All his MP's have been paid a dower.

Well, we do have a history of polygamy in the highlands.

Tasol wanem taim bai dispela bung maret b'long ol memba ia i bruk?

Lindsay F Bond

People ignorant indifferent
poorly and asleep at the weal;
public now needing encouragement
protest widely those on the steal;
preying the people's purse is infringement,
perturbing realm, courts law to reveal.

Marcus Mapen

Stylishly done. This one deserves a prize.

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