Cursed be the Light
She is the liquid night

Senis bilong yumi wer?


Tok-tok bilong man lo sens ino nau nau
Gutpela save man pepa blo yu wokim wanem wok?
Senis bilong pikinini I stap long skul
Bilong wanem emi I raun natin lo stap?

Senis bilong susa I stap long haus
Banis bilong paol raun yu pasim doa tu o?
Senis bilong barata I stap long bik bus na solwara
Pasin bilong tumbuna taim diriman lo wer stap?

Senis bilong papa I stap long wok-moni
Het bilong pik painim wanem long bia garden?
Senis bilong mama I stap long haus lotu
Hevi bilong tok-baksait yu tanim tok lo wanem samtin?

Senis bilong bubu-man I stap long haus man
Bilong wanem em I selim kalapua na wokim bilak pawa?
Senis bilong bubu-meri I stap long haus kuk
Bilong wanem em I palai antap olosem bilak bokis?

Senis bilong peles I stap long ol man na meri
Bunara na busnaip painin birua long wanem samtin?
Senis bilong komuniti I stap long wod-kaunsel
Kauboi kep na niuspepa painim wanem wok wantaim lidaman?

Senis bilong kauntri I stap long pipol
Gavaman bilong wanem yu planim giaman tin-tin?
Senis bilong gavaman I stap long praim minister
Pasin bilong honest wok rausim em sea kin blo em

Pinis bilong giraun I kam klostu nau
Bai yumi wokim wanem tete?
Na tu senis bilong yumi olgeta I stap wer?
Askim ol arapela lain wer oli no stap ples klia

Na senis bilong yu wer?
Askim lo level bilong ol man blo blok
Na senis bilong mi wer?
Mi askim pinis lo namba tu lain blo disla tok-sing sing yah!


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Michael Dom

Some hard hitting questions in this invective poem thrown in the face of the current pseudo-cultural hypnosis.

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