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The flame burns still for us, we who never lost it


Words are sour and bitter
As the tussle gains its force
From the leaders like an arrow
A lance of flame sears the innocents
Indulgence becomes self-indulgence

The trust has been undermined
Confidences hidden from the rest
Like an arrow, shot and fired
To keep the others’ mouth shut
Ignorance seen as their weakness

Tho’, like a tin of worms uncovered,
What was hidden now exposed
As others express, ‘this is like
the tip of some great iceberg’
And so the floodwaters gather

And there are question like this
Why was taskforce sweep suspended?
Whose intention was thus satisfied?
Who instigated such calumny?
To protect whose fame and glory?

Who benefits in a suspension
Of detectives like Damaru?
If its the head of a Constabulary
Then in whose good does he hold the key?
Who is now protected; just who is he?

What recent Supreme ruling favoured Damaru?
Who then locked the office and for whose good?
Such hidden motives point at you
Seeking to kill the flames of national good
But on the flames piling more wood

The charcoal marks the graveyard of the wrong
Because we people never lost the flame
We have it still, it can burn again
And burn those who thought they had
Our lives, for whom the flame burns strong


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