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The red cigar seller

Red cigar sellerCAROLINE EVARI

Translated into Tok Pisin by Michael Dom

Boy all in red
And a red in his hands
Coins clatter in one pocket
Notes slumber in the other

Mangi em werim ret
Ret tu istap long han
Ol coins pairap long poket
Na pepa moni silip long hap poket

“One kina red! One kina red!
He chants as a song
Up and down the sidewalk

Wan kina ret! Wan kina ret!
Em singsing olsem
Igo ikam arere long rot

His feet stationed on alert
His body cautious
To the coppers
And the rangers
Those that attack you in surprise

Lek b’long emi redi tasol
Bodi b’long em tu redi
Long ol polisman
Na ol reinga
Ol lain b’long stil pait long em nating

This red brings danger
He had escaped many times
His eyes watch the road
As his mouth continues to chant

Dispela ret ia em ikam wantaim birua
Emi bin abrusim planti taim
Ai b’long ems tap long rot
Na emi singsing iet

“One kina red stap!”

“Wan kina ret stap!”


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Marcus Mapen

If you are a politician, lawyer, bureaucrat, public servant or someone that is involved in corrupt practices or steals government money, don’t forget you are stealing from millions of people like the red cigar seller. That is a million sins. You will never be forgiven, on earth and in heaven.

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