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Tingim ol lain lo ples

Village, Erap ValleyPHILIP G KAUPA

Eye wara pundaun
taim me tingting na sindaun

Mi wari na les
taim mi tingim pes
blo ol lain lo ples

Ol ino save
ol istap long we

Gavaman ol i bin makim
ino go bek na helevim
sindaun na stretim

Hevi blo ol turango ples lain
ol i bagarap na ksisim taim

Tasol ol ino save olsem
ol i wok lo baim
tax igo lo gavaman

Turango lo ol
yumi mas tingim ol

Gavaman sevis i mas
go lo ples, yumi mas
stretim ol rot i pas

Tingim ol lain lo ples


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Philip G Kaupa

Sapos ol ino klia gut lo englis orait, bai umi mas tok stron lo pidgin, bai ol arim gut.

Michael Dom

Em nau.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Enjoyed this one Philip - simple and to the point.

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