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Victim of a Philanderer


An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

I don’t know why, but so often women are quicker
to buy into love deception than men

I never knew you, PK
We met at the dance
At Crown Plaza

You stared at me
Like I had just arrived
From Jupiter or heaven

You offered me a beer
I refused it
Never drank before

You gave me hundred kina
I rejected it
I wasn’t a whore

You wanted to dance with me
I agreed
I like dancing

Side to side
Back to back
Face to face

We rocked the floor
Like little stars
Twinkling in the sky

And you whispered
Into my ear
‘Amb mund mong’

What, I asked in confusion,
You said you love me
I reacted with laughter

You said you were serious
I posed in disbelief
The music ended

You pulled me to the bar
‘Jacobs Creek on the rocks’
You told the bar lady

Never heard of it before
Yet I waited patiently
Red wine and ice

And the endless deceptions
‘Promise me’ you said
‘Promise you what?’ I asked

‘To marry me’
‘Are you serious?’ I asked
‘I will die if you don’t,’ you said

I bought into your sweet trap
I gave you my soul
I gave you my spirit

I gave you my heart
I gave you my love
I gave you my all

You took my virginity
Now six months pregnant
You refuse to be the father

You ran away from me
You’re going around with a whore
Twice as old as me

She’s become
The apple of your eye
You ignore me

You treat me
Like a second hand rag
Used and thrown away

Only Heaven knows
How many fools like me
You’ve used them

Now I know
PK means
Philandering Kange

For the rest of my life
I will live in humiliation
With a fatherless child

Poor fool me
O Heaven
Curse me to death


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Martinez Wasuak

A poem that speaks reality. It's happening as we speak in this modern day society.

Francis Nii

Gary, what I frequently hear over the airwaves and like is Jigs Ambe by Joe Kema. Both songs have somewhat similar lyrics about Amb Mundmong and elements of denial of friendship.

The verse is created as a food for thought for young girls to be more cautious when they are courting young men for fun or for marriage.

Garry Roche

"Amb Mundmong"? How would you translate it? "Woman of my Heart"? "Lewa"? "My special one"?

In his song 'Mulo', Augustine Emil refers to a "Amb Kaiwe Mundmong" - in the Hagen area this was interpreted as referring to a particular young woman from Kaiwe market outside Hagen who apparently was known to Augustine Emil.

Francis, I think that your poem captures very well the sense of betrayal that the young woman feels.

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