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This is a tribute to those people who gave a hand in assisting a University of Goroka student who this week lost his mother

STEVEN Kaogo hails from West New Britain Province and is a student at the University of Goroka.

Like other people he is proud of his parents, in particular his mother’s care, love and protection for him over the years.

If it was not for her, Steven would not have made it to the University of Goroka’s postgraduate diploma in education, a competitive program that attracts students only of the highest calibre.

Last Sunday, Mother’s Day, Steven joined the global community to say a short prayer to thank God for his mother.

Ten on Wednesday Steven heard that his mother was called home by the same God that he had thanked on Mother’s Day. His family in Kimbe are making arrangements for her funeral.

Steven was broken-hearted and decided to go to West New Britain to pay his last respects to his mother before she is laid to rest. He needed to travel via Nadzab to Hoskins by air, returning a few days later. This trip would cost him K500.

Like many Papua New Guinean students, Steven struggles to pay for his study with minimal support from parents and generous relatives.  He did have the money to go home. And he did not want to pray for comfort and help to a God that had not protected and kept his mother. 

So what would he do? The thought of not visiting his mother for the last time would disturb his studies. Crying for his mother in the confines of his room would give him but a temporary sense of acceptance and comfort.

Steven was shattered mentally, physically and emotionally. There was no quick answer from anyone for him. 

But other people around him became his brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and bubus.  God’s mysteries were revealed through these people. They provided help, peace and comfort.

They took the role of God’s angels on earth and were available to extend God’s hand to a person distressed and in need of help.

It took an email sent from one angel to other angels for an amount of K500 to be gifted in a short time.  The actions of these angels drew Steven closer to his mother and to God.

Helen Vetunawa and the staff who freely give their time and contributed money to assist Steven, and those people who kept Steven in thoughts, are God’s angels. They were available to extend God’s hand on earth to him.

When Steven visits his mother and pays his tribute, he will also carry with him our gesture and hearty tributes on behalf of the Humilaveka community. Steven will return to University of Goroka knowing that we are there for him.


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