Armed police on UPNG campus in attempt to end student boycott
Government apparatchik threatens over student protests

Women of the revolution: female students from UPNG defy police

Women of the revolutionMICHAEL DOM

TODAY these daughters of Papua New Guinea have shown us the resilience of Papua New Guinean women to the tyranny of fear, bred by years of brutality at the hands of their men.

They are fearless to oppression.

They will pick themselves up when we beat them.

They will care for our children when we leave them.

They will put family first over their own freedoms.

They still love and pray for their men to change.

Who can resist such a power? If God is not with them, then He is not God.


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Rashmii Bell

Men, women, girls and boys of PNG - look and keep looking at this image until you feel that you care about what it means. Then act upon it as a human rights issue.

Michael Dom

Ating ol sampela man isave laikim tru long sindaun insait long wanpela liklik haus we inogat dua na windua, na sapos narapela man i kam na mekim traipela kapupu gen na gen na gen na gen, ol dispela lain isave pulim win gut tru na sindaun istap.

Moa iet, ol dispela lain ia bai putim iau tasol long harim ol kapupu i kamap, na bai tokim ol narapela man meri olsem, 'dispela em ino simel nogut, yupela sindaun isi na pulim win istap - em nomal laif ia'.


Michael Yapis

These are Facebook fanatics. Ordinary people go about doing their own business. Not interested in politics.

Michael Dom

"She is the liquid night

In her starlit vision
In her saltiness
She inspires me

She is in lahara
The gifts she bares
She subdues me"

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