Don’t judge us just yet: Melanesia is in cultural transition
Flogged in the village square for not bearing children

Dear Pete


Dear Peter,

As you’re arched in your high chair
We sit entombed in the scorching heat
With nothing over our heads
But hope and integrity

As you host your pointless banquets
We scramble for dregs at the end of your table
With nothing in our stomachs
But hope and integrity

As you peddle with our land - our chattels
We carry the remnants on our bare back
With nothing in our pockets
But hope and integrity

As you sleep soundly in your confounded billet
We lay awake pursuing liberty
With nothing in our bare hands
But hope and integrity

As you retreat behind your golden gates
We scour blood from our wounds
With nothing to protect us
But hope and integrity

As you refute the decree to recede
We implore unwavering in battle
With nothing left to live for 
But hope and integrity 

As you read this on your kite to space
We pray on bended knees to him
With nothing in our hearts
But hope and integrity.

God come to our aid.




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Michael Dom

Coming back to this so that it appears again on the Comments tab.

This is an excellent poem by Lapieh Landu and her elegant poetic style is exemplified in this piece.

A smooth, swift and serious reprimand for a naughty little boy.

I look forward to reading more of Lapieh's poetry and wonder if there is a collection in the works.

Jason Sawera

Well said Lapieh. Well said!

Lapieh Landu

Thank you Mel.

Mel Cindhy

Nicely said.

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