Foul Haus Tambaran monster farting on an undeserving PNG
Grand Chief Somare visits students wounded in UPNG shootings

Pete’s Damn-O’Crazy Alphabet


A is for autocracy and anarchy,
                to keep him on top of the hierarchy.

B is for the billion-dollar loans he gets
                for politicians, a. k. a. puppets.

C is the time he decides to be a count-
                ry cock-roach and gets all that his cats want.

D depraves and destroys our democracy
                to grind out a devious damn-O’crazy.

E elect, elevate and appoint cronies
                to hold key posts in the public service.

F and use fear and intimidation from
                feral forces to nullify freedom.

G people vote the government of the day,
                but it does not listen to what they say.

H the Haus that has turned into a brothel
                where chiefs with venal vents stroke the devil.

I am available for an interview,
                but I cannot allow the interview.

J a justice system that is perverted,
                and a judge Pete-fool-ly penetrated.

K is Buck Key, Shark Ora and Poo Raka,
                three monkeys that gobble Pete’s banana.

L a law that is made for my convenience,
                that I twist to foster false innocence.

M is for making Machiavellian music,
                and a media that’s drunk with Pete’s magic.

N I have a lot of numbers in my back.
                That’s why I have an imposing stomach.

O I must silence every opposition,
                and tell the world we’re in good condition.

P a parliament that is fitting for pigs
                when politicians become folly-pigs.

Q to fool the whole world with one question: But,
                Mister Speaker, I will step down for what?

R is to turn high-school dropouts and rascals
                into dumb rogues and legal criminals.

S is to shoot unarmed students and blame them
                for keeping a law that can’t protect them.

T go on TV and bark at the students
                and, for being right, arrest their presidents.

U surround the university campus.
                Shoot them for you can’t make it to that class.

V postpone some parliamentary sessions
                to evade the Vote of No Confidence.

W and use time as a weapon to muffle
                the voices rising against your trouble.

X the people gave you power with an “X”.
                You made them powerless with increased tax.

Y say the time to remove you is next year,
                and make two whores out of a white lawyer.

Z finally, call Zimbabwe’s Mugabe
                and tell him you’ve become Shete O’gabe.


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