The wild beauty of Torasi – not as it was but still amazing
Some legacy, Mr O’Neill: corruption, incompetence & butchery

Port Moresby bleeding

Dead student and his matesJEFFREY FEBI

Blood bleeds on the streets
The hot pavement a death bed
Young souls giving up for future
Indeed my child's future too
At the hands of non-thinking idiots
Guns ablaze indiscriminately
Foul smell from Tambaran Haus
Intoxicating non-thinking idiots
The command of bespectacled shorty
Is like the call of money
My children's future stained
Our children's future bloodied
By the dreams of a thief
The bespectacled shorty lives on
But blood bleeds on the streets

The hot pavement is a death bed
Port Moresby remember this day
Wednesday 8th of June, 2016
May the rains of Koiari not wash away
The fight must not be wasted
The courage must not wither
Young souls giving up for future
My heart weeps its tears
Foul smell from the Tambaran Haus
Harasses my nostrils' serenity
Isn't it easier to step aside?
Oh you bespectacled shorty!
Ruler without foresight!
Now blood bleeds on the streets
The hot pavement a death bed
Mothers' wailing will be heard
Fathers' tears will flood hearts
Mourning will not end
Miseries of families have begun
You wanted blood to bleed
Hot pavement to be a death bed
You dreamt of it daily
In your restless sleeps
You bespectacled shorty
Young ones paid the ultimate prize
What manner of wastage is this?
But they'll be remembered as heroes
Who'd you be after today?
There's blood on the streets!


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Arthur Williams

Thank you Jeffrey.

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