Government changes endorse illegal & fraudulent land grabs
Cool heads prevail in PNG as carvings are returned

Prime Minister Resign


An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

The voice of the majority
From the citizens of this country
Who are neutral without political ties
Voicing the grievance of the people
Prime Minister resign

Calling on the roguish character
To surrender, step aside
To allow justice to take its course
Since prime ministerial office is noble
Prime Minister resign

USB loan
Paraka saga
We have enough evidence
There was a warrant of arrest
Prime Minister resign

You suppressed due process
You used a numbers game to avoid law
Used police to hinder justice
Used media to circumvent
Prime Minster resign

Prominent leaders of your calibre
Former big men and prime ministers
Urge you’re going with concrete facts
Saying no-one is above the law
Prime  Minister resign

Students intervene as intellectual citizens
Sacrificing their studies for justice
Voicing the nation’s concern for good governance
The majority is against your conduct
Prime Minister resign

Minority cronies are your apologists
Dancing to your defiling tunes
Police hierarchy and politicians
Serving to promote these suspect deeds
Prime Minister resign

The nation is suspicious
You have something fishy to hide
From not turning up to receive the warrant
The world watches this unseemly play
Prime Minister resign

Once your cronies are crucified
You will be naked
Everything hidden will be translucent
Caught in nature’s checks and balances
Prime Minister resign


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Jimmy Awagl

Thanks Paul for your lines and a stanza adding flavour to the theme. Great.

Would definitely consider that.

Paul Oates

Hi Jimmy,

here's one for you in the Orstrine vernacular:

Oi ask’s m’self is it a sin?
When here I am a loser,
An’ he promised me a win,
So let’s give three cheers,
to dear ol’ Pete,
Wot settled all m’ fears,
An’ so kept ‘is seat.

It could no doubt be held that these sentiments could also apply in Orstraylia and almost everywhere else in the world where the political agenda is primarily to seek to be re-elected rather than to effectively manage the country.

There is also no doubt that one of the strengths of the PNG Kiap system was that while being responsible to an government (first Australian and then PNGian),and able to be held accountable, it did not require the incumbents to seek re-election every few years.

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