Peter O’Neill has a straightforward way out of this mess
Living in two worlds: the beguiling craftmanship of Randolph Stow

Speaker Silence Corruption


An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

PNC government speaker
You hit the corruption garamut
So hard the echo shook the nation
By storm
Too good with the first agenda
Speaker silence corruption

The removal of carvings and totems
You prescribed for evil & corruption
Disregarding PNG as the home of spirituality
Your voice as a leader of people
And a speaker of parliamentarians
Brought in the 400 year old bible
Speaker silence corruption

Now your voice for people is silent
Diminishing the quality of the nation
And the corruption is blooming
Within the place of removed carvings & totems
As the voice of the democracy silenced
Shall you not raise your voice
Speaker silence corruption

You said you were against corruption
With totems & carvings seen as corrupting
When so many leaders play big time corruption
Unlike the carvings
What is your opinion?
Why can’t you tell O’Neill to step down
Speaker silence corruption

You removed the carvings & totems
They were Somare’s carvings & totems
Are the carvings & totems provoking corruption?
If not, then who promotes corruption?
The speaker or the carvings
Who can talk on this if not the speaker?
Speaker silence corruption

Is your weakness now exposed?
When the national court ordered you
To replace the carvings in six months
This indicated a need for your action
Something that will transpire in the future
Within this most corrupt government
Speaker silence corruption


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