Silent tears
Misogyny & homophobia – curses of modern PNG men

Steven & Louise


Ooooh lewa!
Harim pairap b’long solwara ia
Solapim has b’long nambis istap
Na hat win emi tromoi kokonas igo ikam
Mekim het bilong en i seksek
Olsem ol meri i danis long ples singsing.

Ooooh love!
Hear those ocean waves down there
Slapping that beach like a bare bottom
That warm wind swaying the coconuts palms to and fro
Making them twist and shake
Like dancing girls at the singsing place.

Ooooh lewa!
Ating sapos yu istap wantaim mi long hap ia
Em bai narapela samting olgeta.
Dispela waitpla pes long skai bai pasim ai b’long em
Na ol paia lait bilong tumbuna istap antap ia
Bai karai isi isi tru wantaim wari na laikim.

Ooooh love!
I think if you were here with me now
It would be another thing altogether.
That pale-face in the sky would hide his eyes
And the fires of our ancestors high up there
Would sparkle so softly with longing and love.

Ooooh lewa!
Bai mitupela bung gen long solwara
Bai mitupela mekim niupela paia long nambis,
Dring kulau na weitim pis long tan.
Paia-lait bilong yu istap wantaim ol tubuna antap
Na mi sindaun wanpis lukluk long waitpla pes ia istap.

Ooooh love!
We will meet again at the oceans edge
We will make a new fireplace on the beach,
Drink kulau and wait for the fish to bake.
Your fire burns with our ancestors up high
So I sit here alone staring up at that pale-face.

Neo-Melanesian (Tok Pisin) terms:

Singsing – literally sing sing as in traditional dance and music, as a customary social event, but also a sing-sing place is the set location where village cultural, social and political gatherings are held and where feasting and revelry is arranged.

Kulau – the term for young, green drinking coconuts, not the type that turn into hard brown nuts used for eating, extracting cream or dried copra for oil extraction.


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Paul Oates

Eeyah! Maikel. Tinting blo yu igerap igo lo wanem rot nau yia?

Michael Dom

Tenkiu, Philip na Marlene.

Em ol liklik stori tasol.

Dediksen igo long gutpela pren bilong mi Steven na meri bilong em Louise, husat i lusim ples graun na i stap wantaim ol tumbuna long heven.

Marlene Dee

Wesssh...wokim na mi salim tingting yia.

Philip G Kaupa

Haia bata nais tru ya. Wow! How I see these poetic sweetness in my tokpisin....

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