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A Good Man Died Today

Wardley Barry at workWARDLEY D BARRY-IGIVISA

An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

In memory of the good men who, of all days, died today


A good man, like all good man, died today.
It can’t happen on any other day.
Sundays and Mondays are too lacklustre
For the death of one meant to live forever.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are incomplete;
The grave is not satisfied with half-wits.
Thursdays are when lovers beget romance,
And love is too lofty for death’s weapons.

Fridays are fun and Saturdays holy.
For the grave to strike it would be folly.
But today—pure, perfect today, is fine;
When the earth sprouts, and sun, moon and stars shine…

Perhaps, God made good men to die today,
For today, of all days, is a good day.


A good man, like all good man, died today,
And it’s sad it had to happen today:
When life has taken him to its zenith
And, with the heavens, allows him to breathe;

When his laughter resonates with music,
His smile sparkles with the stars’ magic;
When tomorrow has just opened its doors
To grant him a glimpse of its golden stores,

And he, bearing our hopes, summons us to
Rejoice in his vision as dreams come true…
Just when we’re high, and our thoughts have shunned death,
The grave takes a good man, and we rue its breath.

Perhaps, God made good men to die today,
For today, of all days, is a good day.


Alas! Clothe yourself in ashes and mourn.
Raise your voice high. Let heaven hear you cry
When a good man smiles, for on a good day
A good man, like every good men, must die.


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