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Cassandra’s quatrains for a young man


Whenever I see a young man
Proudly made of steel
I wonder at the young woman
Sure to make him kneel

Wherever I hear a young man
Loudly praise his great deal
I ponder if a young woman
Might make much of his meal

Whatever a young man
Gladly claims to bear his seal
I tender that a young woman,
Somehow, had made him real

Whomsoever would deny
That anything he may feel
Is not without a reply
In the partner at his heel

Is a fool; young man, tenfold.
We each are bound to repeat,
True or false, even the foretold,
Till our lives becomes replete.


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Michael Dom

Concise complexity, nice, but, deny anything he feels is not without reply...?

That sounds like a double negative.

Meaning there is a reply and he doesn't deny it.

Or am I a mere male reading this back-to-upside-downwards?

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