Today a woman died: glimpses of life at a rural mission hospital
Roads, bridges & sea links the key to effective aid delivery

Dangling biological tools

Respect & happiness'KASSANDRA KOMPLECKS'

Ah, when men are men not mere fools
Then to be men means more than just
Dangling biological tools

Wise young women must hunt for clues
To find those few whom they may trust
Wise men who do not punt with fools

Care and crave those family jewels,
But palm them off if pawn you must,
Haggling the cost more handy tools

Don’t treat asses like they’re good mules
Asses get thrashed while mules stay trussed
Young women must know men from fools

Hearts and hands may both be cruel
Hard or soft likewise they may crush
Be wise: bad workers blame their tools

Beasts may prey, so may Beauty fool,
Betray their love, give in to lust…
Men and women may both be fools
Poor hearts, poor handling, blaming tools.


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Michael Dom

I like the third and fourth triplets, they sums up quite a few thoughts on mere mortal men.

Raymond Sigimet


Lindsay F Bond

So neat, compete, complete.

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