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No genuine government motivation to curb corruption, says survey

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TRANSPARENCY International PNG (TIPNG) has released its latest publication on levels and consequences of corruption in Papua New Guinea and the response to this of state and society.

In presenting the findings of 53-page public opinion survey, TIPNG membership coordinator Yuambari Haihuie explained the report gathered data from 1,250 participants in the National Capital District and Central, East New Britain, Eastern Highlands and Morobe provinces.

“Ninety-nine percent of participants think corruption is a serious problem in PNG and 90% think it is getting worse,” said Mr Haihuie.

He went on to say that 81% of respondents thought that members of parliament are the cause of corruption while 25% believed everyone was to blame for the spread of corruption.

Mr Haihuie said 53% of participants had paid bribes to get a service or better service in education (22%), police (18%), health (18%), courts (7%), land (7%) and 4% for traffic inspectors.

Another 77% believe that the government’s effort to combat corruption was all or mainly for political gain with no genuine motivation.

“The key finding from the report is that Papua New Guineans are aware of the very damaging costs and consequences of corruption," Mr Haihuie said.

"They are often paying that cost directly in terms of often unavoidable payments and degraded services.” 


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Mathias Kin

Excellent report! I hope the guys in the haus tambaran are reading this. But then again what would these pigs do? They'll simply cough out "ol husat" at the TIPNG.

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