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O’Neill govt attacks defector Micah & says it has the numbers

James Marape (Post-Courier)JAMES MARAPE | Media Statement

Finance Minister James Marape (right), speaking for the O’Neill government caucus which is meeting in Alotau, has said government numbers are strong in the lead-up to the return of parliament on Friday….

I ASSURE all our investors, business community and citizens that our government numbers stand with People’s National Congress at 59, National Alliance at 14, United Resources Party at eight and a number from PPP, NGP, SOP, POM and other independents.

We have 91 members of parliament in the government as we speak. Contrast that with the 17 members who were with the opposition in parliament on Friday.

Whilst it is their democratic right to exercise section 145, the unstable image of the country being portrayed continues to derail work and development and investment in this country.

I ask all political party leaders, to come to the parliament with your numbers, and to stop ringing my members offering inducements like money and ministries.

In this term of parliament. our prime minister and government has been facing many battles sponsored by politicians and we know who they are.

We will see you all this Friday in parliament and you will have your day to show your numbers.

The difference between the two sides is that in government we are all behind one person as prime minister, whereas in the opposition you have seven people all with their knives out ready to back-stab each other,"

Policy advancement will be the main subject of discussion as members [in Alotau] waited for parliament to reconvene on Friday.

While this recall of parliament was unnecessary and expensive, when section 145 notice of vote of no confidence was placed on notice by speaker as directed by supreme court, members will make best use of our time.

Going into camp provides an opportunity for our members of the government to take time to look at what we have achieved in the past years, and what still needs to be done.

The Alotau Accord is one of the most important policy documents ever seen in our history.

Our people have seen real change in our country through the Alotau Accord commitments and this has delivered free school education, universal healthcare and improved law and order.·

I welcome the move by Ben Micah and some members of PPP to the opposition. Mr Micah's demands while in government were often unrealistic. This included the demand to be appointed as deputy prime minister.

Ben Micah asked to be appointed as the deputy prime minister, and when this was refused he went away sulking.

What he has to accept is that the post of deputy prime minister is not some prize that is handed around but is a very serious position in the administration of our nation.

The deputy prime minister has direct carriage of the affairs of government when the prime minister has official overseas travel or if he was ill.

Our deputy prime minister, Hon Leo Dion MP, is a shining example of the calibre of a person who is fit and right to be in that position.

Ben Micah does not have the stature, experience and respect required to be deputy prime minister.

The government coalition members will continue to meet in the coming days and prepare to return to par1iament on Friday morning.


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Francis Nii

Buai market gossip from Alotau... O'Neill to step down and Charles Abel to be coalition's nominee for PM post.

If O'Neill insists to remain as PM, mass exodus of government MPs on the floor of parliament, 22 July.

Paul Oates

'Going into camp provides an opportunity for our members of the government to take time to look at what we have achieved in the past years, and what still needs to be done,' says James Marape

It will also help reduce contact with anyone other than those who want to maintain and enforce MP solidarity in the manner to which they have become accustomed. I wonder what a fly on the wall might see and hear?

When the planes start flying again perhaps that FOTW can hitch a ride from Alotau to Moresby - KJ

Peter K Kaulga

That number is going to Alotau to discuss about who should be the nominee for the prime minister post Friday 22 July. If Peter O'Neill still wants to be prime minister, things will turn around.

Marape's statement is confusing because he is counting on people like Sir Michael Somare (with the Alotau team) who was all along calling for Peter O'Neill to step down.

Sir Julius Chan is another name with Byron Chan and some PPP MPs going to Alotau while Ben Micah as PPP leader has already moved to the opposition side.

The same Marape has tried to strip the vote of no confidence even after the Supreme Court ordered the speaker to reconvene parliament and introduce it.

If Marape had numbers, he would allow the VONC to go ahead. Are the numbers just popping up today? What was the reason for him try to stop the VONC on Friday and why has the government been rejecting a VONC if they have the numbers.

These are some of the questions the investors, business community and people of Papua New Guinea are fearing more than the words of Marape.

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