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Loqie, Didi and Elton from 99.5 Rait FMAsia Radio Today

LOQIE, Didi and Elton from Port Moresby-based 99.5 Rait FM have released a song and a video that have gone viral.

The station’s popular breakfast hosts got the idea after Didi found a 10-year old video clip on YouTube of an original song from Loqie and Elton when they were in a band called Scholastic.

The clip had received 22,000 views and the songs had some popularity 10 years earlier.

When Didi played some of the audio on air, and the original clip was shared on the stations Facebook page, listeners suggested they audition for the TV Show Vocal Fusion, PNG’s version of Idol, that was about to run in Port Moresby.

At the audition, judge Eli Webb fell in love with the original song and suggested they re-release the track.

99.5 Rait FM is owned by the CHM Supersound record label and recording studios, so the team asked label boss Braden Chin if this could be done.

Braden gave the team three days to get 3,000 likes to show him that listeners really wanted to hear the song.

The Facebook page for 99.5 Rait FM already had over 45,000 fans, so getting 3,000 likes was easy.

The song has gone on to become a big hit, but the fans of the show wanted to see a video clip.

So CHM Supersound department went about creating something unique for PNG that had elements of humour, wasn’t too cheesy and would showcase the team and station.

The clip was launched on National TV earlier this month and a version was posted to the stations Facebook page.

In seven days, the clip attracted more than 20,000 views, 300 shares and 3,400 likes.

Program Director Ryan Khay said the team has kept their egos in check since this boost in popularity from the clip.

Catch up here with The Love Song and El Lo Di Melodies


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Francis Nii

Congratulatoons LDE. Well done.

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