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Clement Koys & me – cultural preservation through art

Clement Koys at workPETER KINJAP

IT WAS a Facebook post that caught my eye. He’d posted two of his latest paintings, this Facebook friend I’d never met in person.

Clement Koys is a talented and down to earth young man with passion and commitment. He’s a lad from Simbu now living in Port Moresby.

Clement’s paintings are attractive and eye-catching. But since I am interested in Papua New Guinea’s cultural heritage and do volunteer work on cultural preservation and promotion, I was particularly intrigued.

Clement Koys - Hagen ManIn my blog, The Melanesian Way, I try to capture our cultural heritage in photographs, videos and audio recordings to preserve and promote an indigenous culture that is gradually dying out under Western influence.

Clement's paintings of a Tari man and a Hagen man were works that gave me an urge for cultural preservation through painting.

He is a greatly talented young man who loves his work and who can make a great contribution in preserving Papua New Guinea’s cultural heritage.

When asked if the PNG authorities were helping him to market and promote his art, he said he has never asked for help from the government but would welcome any help to promote his work.

Clement Koys - Tari ManIn my blog I mentioned to Clement if I could assist to promote his work.

We both agreed to work together to serve each other's missions. Clement wants greater exposure of his paintings on the international scene while I would enjoy publishing them as a way to preserve the Melanesian culture through blogging.

In this way we can use internet technology to preserve our indigenous culture.

Clement sells his paintings for about K600 each, the price depending upon their size. He can be contacted through Facebook at

As a freelance artist he is able to complete two paintings a day, producing at least 10 pieces of work every week.


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