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THE Crocodile Prize competition is steaming along. Emmanuel Peni, the talented author of the wonderful novel, Sibona, has taken over the chair of the organising committee from Baka Bina and reports that everything is on track.

The prize money has been secured from the sponsors and the competition has officially been incorporated as a legal entity with a bank account.

As you are probably aware a number of unplanned events, not to mention the number of entries streaming in, has necessitated putting back the dates.

The 2016 competition will now close for entries at the end of September, so you still have plenty of time to get your entries submitted.

The awards ceremony will be held on 10 December.

Manu and his team are still looking for a suitable venue so if you know of anyone who might volunteer the use of their facilities and maybe throw in a bit of catering he’d love to hear from you. You’ll get great publicity as a result.

The 2016 anthology will be available in early 2017. It is coming along nicely with a swag of fine writing already included.

The competition now belongs 100% to Papua New Guinea and is being run entirely separate from PNG Attitude.

The organising committee is looking at a new logo to make this distinction. If you think you have a suitable design to donate to the competition it should be submitted to the committee.

As the prize gathers strength in its natural home it behoves every literary minded Papua New Guinean to support it.


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Francis Nii

This is a good news. Peni and his team have taken the right steps for the future of Crocodile Prize. Thanks to them.

December would be an ideal time for the Crocodile Prize award ceremony as writers who are working can take break from their work and attend the event. Also student writers who will be on holiday by then will have the opportunity to attend the ceremony.

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