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Holman Book Fund will get PNG books to PNG readers


IT’S been a while since PNG Attitude asked readers to kick in for a worthwhile cause, but Phil Fitzpatrick came up with a good idea and now Jo Holman, wife of the late Hal Holman, has come up with the means.

The idea, which Phil brought to life in a piece last week, is simple: funds are provided to buy books which are sent to their Papua New Guinean authors to sell, hopefully retaining the proceeds to buy more books.

More PNG authors are stepping up to the plate to publish books, thanks to the CreateSpace innovation which enable free publication.

CreateSpace makes it money from selling hard copy or digital copies through Amazon and that’s where the typically toea-less PNG author comes a cropper; often not having the means to buy even a single copy of own book.

So we order copies and have them mailed to the author, preferably to sell so a kitty can be built up to buy more books.

Hal Holman was a regular visitor to PNG until he was 90, painting, sculpting and visiting friends. He’d first gone there in World War II as a 20-year old soldier.

On his final visit, Hal bought a painting, Elekopta fly antap, by the famed Ignatius Kauage and now his wife Jo wants to donate this to enable the purchase of PNG-authored books. (That's Hal and Jo in the picture at the time of Hal's Order of Logohu award.)

I agreed with Jo that we would sell the painting through an auction on PNG Attitude. If that is successful, Jo says she will offer some of Hal’s own work to be disposed of in the same way.

So I’m announcing the Holman Book Fund which I hope will enable the new crop of PNG authors not just to have their work published but also sold.

Now you might not want to participate in the auction but still donate to the Fund, in which case you should deposit money in the following account (and make sure you email me here when you do):

Keith Jackson (Holman Book Fund)
BSB 082 302

Account No 50 650 1355

You can read all about the first Holman Book Fund auction in a follow-up story tomorrow.


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Jimmy Awagl

A great concept was initiated and now we have kind and generous hearts coming up with much need means to enable PNG authors to sell their own books.

Thank you Keith, Phil and Jo Holman for the initiative.

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