A Kiap’s Chronicle: 11 – Vanimo
Bougainville: More money for government but no advancement



An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

between birth and death
is life;
a farrago of savagery
with a tinge of romance.
but what lies beyond
is an insufferable silence
called religion;
a lame shot at immortality,
an illusion fabricated
to humour the vagrant.

between you and me
is love;
a catholicon conjured
to escape the brute of reality,
yet it is nothing
but a primitive reaction
to an immediate need
—a need of byzantine complexity,

hail mary! hail caesar!
hail earthlings!
hail the earth beneath which we’re entombed,
and the silence that drowns us,
lest our groans echo forever.
we’re but intrusions
in the midst of oblivion.
like candles besieged by darkness,
we die by the fire
that keeps us alive.


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Michael Dom

This is inspired!

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