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Mere Man


An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

I've tried harder and harder to improve
But I'm always convicted, defeated
The course of sin is much at work
As a virus inhabiting a poor soul
Sucking out all the good I try to do

I persist in vain with these shackles
And the yoke, so overpowering
Everywhere I turn, sin is not absent
It dwells in three dimension in the world of living
I am not a perfect folk

I am still climbing this mountain in my weakness
I felt conviction, deep, internally
The deeds I do lack integrity
I struggle to overcome this battle of good against evil
I fought within, without, exposed
Letting go of hatred, greed, 
Embracing forgiveness and love

Yet forgiveness is painful, a thought of my weak soul
I am truly a wrecked ship
Anchored on a reef, waiting, waiting
For a genuine life Saviour.

Lord, I am drowning and lost
In the ocean of life
I need genuine help!


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`Robin Lillicrapp

Astute reflections, Iso.

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