Government warns online media for airing 'false information'
All men have equal rights; MPs are not above the law



One single word 
Poured out by a tongue
Its vibration fell on two ears,
It multiplied and produced more words
Real and unrealistic ones too

It spread and landed in other ears also
Carried by winds of rumours
Those words flew here and there
Places, destinations, where-ever it takes
Twisted, tangled and mingled

It landed on a surface and blew again
Nobody knew where its influence was going to stop
Settled, at last it reached my ears
Its true meaning slightly worn out
I took it for granted

For rumours are just an illusion


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Bernard Corden

I find PNG Tokpisin so fascinating and its simplicity and adaptability is often quite innovative.
One of my favourite words is wintok, which like your poem describes rumours beautifully.

Michael Dom

Well done, Iso.

Rumours are a cyclone that devastates social relationships. The destructive force of a rumour is in its illusory nature and its potent ability to affect ones imagination negatively.

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