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Sunset over Mount Kauka

Asia_australasia_papua_new_guinea_sepik_karawari_lodge_sunset_galleryEMILY JAMAIZ HOKO

An entry in the Crocodile Prize

As the Sun sets over Mount Kauka,
A magnificent ray of golden red splatters the horizon.
Before the night makes the world darker,
That ancient Sun is certain to rise again when it dawns.

Beautiful golden red, pink and purple,
Such are colours to behold.
But if a sunset has them all, 
Now that is a moment untold.

Splendidly over the mountain tops,
Worn like a glorious crown.
Before it fades away as the Sun sets,
And never to be found.

But for Mount Kauka and the Sun they will remain,
As for the sunsets there will be so many more.
For the sky is their domain,
For all the eyes to see and adore.


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Daniel Kumbon

The photo is very beautiful and the words describing it.

Emily, I have a mountain too, called Mt Kondo in my village, of the same name. On it grows a certain tree called 'Kondo' which is found nowhere else in Kandep or Enga Province for that matter.

But this mountain of mine covers both the morning sunrise and the evening sunset because my village is right at the base of Mt Kondo and in a valley created by the Lai River which flows to the Gulf of Papua.

I only see their rays passing overhead. I can only imagine the beauty of a full sunset from where I stand.

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