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This original Kauage will raise funds for PNG-authored books

Kauage - Elekopta fly antapKEITH JACKSON

AMONGST the possessions left by the late artist and sculptor Hal Holman – which include so many of his own works of art – was one of his own most recent acquisitions, a large canvass by one of Paoua New Guinea’s most famous artists, Mathias Kilage.

At the request of Hal’s wife, Jo Holman, PNG Attitude is pleased to be able to offer this work, Elekopta fly antap (pictured here), for auction to assist provide money for what we’ve named the Holman Book Fund.

There’s information about the auction process below.

The Fund will ensure that Papua New Guinean authors can obtain supplies of their own published books sufficient to sell or to otherwise distribute, thus completing the cycle of getting PNG-authored books to PNG readers.

The painting on offer is a large Kauage acrylic on canvas measuring 116cm square. It is signed ‘Kauage Mathias OBE PNG Artis 2000’.

Kauage titleThe full Tok Pisin title is ‘Elekopta fly antap na dispel eia bas kisim ol pasdia igo long Austrlia’ (Helicoper flying over an Airbus taking passengers to Australia).

There are wooden battens at top and bottom, the top batten including two hooks for hanging.

Mathias Kauage OBE (1944-2003) was born in Miugu, Simbu Province, and is PNG’s best-known contemporary artist. His work was exhibited widely in in Australia, Europe and Africa and is held in many public and private collections around the world.

I have managed to find three recent sales of much smaller paintings than the one we are auctioning at prices of up to $1,300.

Kauage signatureThe process of the auction is simple:

1 – Make your offer by emailing PNG Attitude here, including your name and postal address

2 – If you are not successful in the auction you will pay nothing

3 – We will advise the successful bidder and unsuccessful bidders of the auction result

4 – There is a reserve price on the painting. We will let you know when this has been reached

If this auction is a success, Jo Holman has indicated that some of Hal Holman’s works will be donated for future public sale by the same means as part of the Holman Book Fund.


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Lapieh Landu

Wow that's wonderful and quite generous!

Also, does anyone know of a PNG cartoonist? I am trying to get in touch with one :)

Francis Nii

This is a noble initiative and it will greatly benefit the struggling PNG writers. Thank you Jo Holman for your kindness.

Peter Kinjap

Thank you so much for this generosity.

Daniel Kumbon

The legacy and generosity of people continue to flow, supporting worthy causes and encouraging people to move on in life.

Thank you, Jo Holman.

Michael Dom

This is very generous, thank you Jo Holman.

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