PNG’s economic history: a failure to deliver to the people
Happy 41st birthday Papua New Guinea

PNG's 41st Independence Day - A Reflection

Mother & child at Ulye, Mt Hagen, 1973JEFFREY MANE FEBI

PAPUA New Guinea has come a long and tough way: its journey made horrible by its people's adamance, every so often, on breaking its resilience.

Its journey made wearisome by its people's insistence on holding onto waywardness.

Its journey made troublesome by its people's acceptance of corruption. Its journey made worrisome by its indigenous people's reluctance to accepting naturalised citizens.

Its journey made hypocritical by its people's hypocrisy towards Christianity. Its journey made unpredictable by its people's constant promotion of tribalism, provincialism and regionalism.

And its future made gloomy by its people's ignorance about other people's recklessness to become rich.

Now we have reached 16 September 2016, let us remember all the praise and wonderful remarks pertaining to the progress of this nation that is being echoed from podiums, hilltops and rooftops may be nothing but superficial.

Holy Trinity Teachers College,  Mt Hagen, Independence Day 1975The orators will try to incite and instil patriotism but, at the same time, be cleverly punctuated with deliberate little lies.

PNG's journey ahead is long and unknown. As she manoeuvres through the dense jungles of capitalism, may her people find a path and make it their own. And begin to think of a destiny which could truly be theirs.

Personally, I'll use today to remember and celebrate my personal contributions to PNG. I'll also remember many of my expatriate colleagues' contributions to PNG.

As you celebrate our Independence Day, do not forget to make it worthwhile.

Merry celebrations! Happy 41st Independence anniversary greetings to you all.

Lower photo: Holy Trinity Teachers College, Mt Hagen, staff and students celebrate Independence Day, 1975. Staff member in white tee-shirt is probably Alan Yarnold, later an air safety inspector with PNG Civil Aviation


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