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The grand legacy of the late Kondom Agaundo

Kondom AgaundoJIMMY AWAGL

An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

The pioneer hero of Simbus
Made a breakthrough in politics
To draw the unknown civilisation
Towards a great development
His heart held the Simbus together
His willpower delivered great things
He bore the unbearable for people’s good

Never taught to read or write but
Used his wisdom write in people’s hearts
He spoke for Simbu
He worked for Simbu
He dreamed for Simbu
He lived for Simbu
He died for Simbu

And he left words for Simbus to uphold today
Look after this coffee….
This is your money
Love education….
This is your life
You can shout from these mountains….
And your voice will be heard around the world

What I cannot do in my time….
Will be done at the time of my daughter and sons
He had a vision that Simbus would not be forsaken
In politics, health and education
The world would look upon Simbus
As the best and industrious of humans
That is what the late Kondom Agaundo
Left for us in Simbu as his great legacy


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Jimmy Awagl

Late Chief Kondom Agaundo a vocal leader during the colonial era left a great legacy for the Simbus to uphold today. Most of his words are too prophetic as it comes to fruition today.

One of the very own Simbu Man to receive World Noble Award for Child Advocacy is an indication of Kondom's words.

Jimmy Drekore assured Simbus during his send off to quote Kondom's words during his award's presentation in New York on the 27th of October. His legacy will be bestowed at the world arena.

Jimmy Drekore all the best in your award presentation.

John K Kamasua

May his legacy inspire Simbu further and higher!!

Paul Waugla Wii

Mangen Ambo, one of the 14 wives of the late statesman, is still alive today.She is believed to be around 107 years old and lives in the semi-permanent house that her husband built here in Wandi village in the 1950s.
We visited the old woman in her home recently where we bestowed gifts on her. It is remarkable how people like the late chief's wife can live to such grand old age.

Michael Dom

Thank you for this fitting tribute to a good PNG leader of our early years.

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