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Women writers of PNG: this anthology is just for you


PAPUA New Guinea’s women writers and illustrators are being invited to submit original writing and artwork for inclusion in an inaugural collection of women’s writing and illustration to be published on International Women’s Day – Wednesday 8 March – next year.

Entries may include essays, short stories, articles, poetry and illustrations depicting the theme, ‘My walk to equality’.

The theme is drawn from one of the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals which PNG is working towards achieving to improve the life of its citizens.

Entries must be submitted by 31 December this year and will be judged for publication by Phil Fitzpatrick and me.

The anthology will be published by Pukpuk Publications which was spun off from the Crocodile Prize as a mechanism for mentoring, editing and publishing Papua New Guinean writers and illustrators.

Papua New Guinean women are invited to submit writing and artwork that depicts contemporary PNG society.

You can identify where and how you have experienced inequalities in your daily life, describe what action you have taken to reduce them and relate the actions you have observed other people or organisations take to reduce inequality.

Submissions that address the theme of ‘My walk to equality’ by addressing these three points will be highly regarded for inclusion in the anthology.

Writers may submit multiple entries of across the formats of essays, short stories, articles, poetry and illustrations, but need to keep in mind that – when we are selecting items for publication - quality will be considered ahead of quantity.

The anthology aims to document the voices of PNG women from diverse backgrounds. We hope to receive material that demonstrates the individual strength of PNG woman in battling inequality in urban and rural areas of Papua New Guinea.


Eligibility: Papua New Guinean women

Theme: ‘My walk to equality’

Submissions close: 31 December 2016

Length: 1,000 words maximum

Medium: Article, short story, essay, poem, illustration

Personal information: name; date of birth; postal address; brief personal profile; JPG photo

Submissions to: Rashmii Bell at

Note: All submissions must be the author’s original writing and not published or committed for publication elsewhere


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Leiao Gerega

Thank you very much. Really helped a lot.

Rashmii Bell

Hello Leiao, The theme is based on Goal 10 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and so your submission may encompass one of the various forms of inequalities; gender, economic, race, disabilities etc.Please refer to the link within the article above for more examples.

The following link is a follow up article and may give you more of an idea of the 'what' and 'why; of the anthology:

Hope this helps.

leiao gerega

hellow Rashmi this is leiao once again,
please could you explain further on the topic,
the topic 'my walk to inequality' is very broad if were
looking at the word inequality itself.
for this competition, does it only refer to gender inequality/bias issues or
does it cover topics of poverty, i.e social inequality in general?
hope the question is okay,

thanks and top evening,

Rashmii Bell

Hello Sylvia - Yes, you may use Tok Pisin and contribute more than one submission. Please contact me on if you have additional questions. I look forward to receiving your writing.

Sylvia Kaski

Hi Rashmii and Phil, Thanks for this wonderful initiative, I am also passionate about writing about themes on women's empowerment, I see this as a great opportunity for me to do a submission.

I have two questions, firstly if I have to write a piece (poem) with words featured in "tokpisin", will that be acceptable? Or Is it a requirement that language should be in English alone.

Secondly is it possible to submit more than one piece like, a poem and a short story together.

Thanks and looking forward to your response.

Tok Pisin is acceptable and you may submit as many pieces as you choose - KJ

Rashmii Bell

Hello Leaio - I have just responded to your email. Yes, you may submit a fictional piece.
I look forward to receiving your submission:)

Leiao Gerega

Thanks Rashmii. Could you please specify if the essays include fiction as well? Sincerely await your response.

Quick answer: Essays, short stories, poetry, fact, fiction - all admissible Leiao - KJ

Ornella Walengi

Great initiative. Encourage woman to write and boost women writers to show their talent and skills in writing. Great job.

Patricia Kassman


Leo M Malala

Love it, I'll start writing one. If good then will submit

Rashmii Bell

Martinez, I look forward to receiving your submission:)

Martinez Wasuak

Wow! Great initiative. Sometimes its hard to express verbally during a conversation so now is the opportunity for all women to express fully.

I will definitely submit one than nothing :-)

I salute you Rashmii.


Rashmii Bell

Thank you all.

Violet and Olive - I'm glad that you both think the same as me about this anthology. It's wonderful that we have the opportunity to collaborate with Pukpuk Publications! I hope you both plan to submit your writing:)

Olive Vakaloloma Baloiloi

You are a champion to initiate this mode of communication by encouraging women to have a voice in writing, as well as to draw out the many hidden talents in PNG women through writing. Well done.

Violet Ningakun

Great opportunity to get women from all walks of life in Papua New Guinea to speak through their experiences.

Rashmii Bell

Hello Bomai. All submissions must be written by Papua New Guinean women. If possible, please find a female relative or acquaintance that can write for your wife. Of course, you may wish to be present during narration and suggest to the writer how best your wife's story can be captured.

Bomai D Witne

My wife is a champion, I learned to be equal with another person from her words and deeds. She encourages me to write but she does not write. Can I help to write for her?

Daniel Kumbon

PNG has come to a stage where more women are training to be soldiers, policeman, CIS officers, pilots, lawyers, mechanics, giant machine operators at mine sites. They are even playing rugby league and soccer etc..

More women must now put their thoughts on paper.

Well done Rashmii and the tireless Phil for the initiative.

Bernard Corden

"Women need not always keep their mouths shut and their wombs open" - Emma Goldman

Well done Rashmii

Michael Dom

Em nau!

Betty Gabriel Wakia

Wow! Love this, thank you dear Rashmii.

Lapieh Landu


Marlene Dee

Well done...dear Rashmi.
I definitely will submit.

Ed Brumby

An excellent initiative, Rashmii (and Phil).

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