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A cacophony of falling trees


I hear a cacophony
Not from trees in the breeze
With leaves rustling
But from them which have fallen
Like innocent victims of a civil war
Bare they lay side by side in the weather
Hear the chains rattling under
As barks peel off like sore skin
On long muddy beaches awaiting their turn
On sailing ships long voyages begin
Still like logs secured to cold metal plates
High seas their road to distant lands

Others having weakened no more
And having had their flesh become soil
In rapturous cry lie on abandon beaches
Long and low these cries
Despair of a dark night pales in comparison
Agony of a birthing mother almost the same
But the winds can't carry these cries
As their leaves can't rustle
Nor their branches can be seen
Their cries like windswept mountains are unheard
O' this voiceless cacophony of trees
Not from the trees in the breeze
But them which have fallen


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