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Aiyo! Contact Her!

Chimbu womanJIMMY AWAGL

An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

Did you see her?
Or contact her?
No, I didn’t either
Then immediately contact her
Why don’t I contact her?
Aiyo, em mas sampla samting ya

Was she asking for me?
When did she ask for me?
The afternoon of yesterday
How urgent is it I call today?
Sure, be cool and contact her later
Aiyo, em mas sampla samting ya

Then would you give me
Her contact number
OK, here is her number
When will I ring her?
If you feel like at any time, call her
Aiyo, em mas sampla samting ya

I should buy some units to call
Since she is expecting my voice
She was delighted as I call
Even excited to answer
I heard a cool tender voice
Aiyo, em mas sampla samting ya

She wished to meet me
Not in the night for her
Not at an odd hour for her
But when the sun glows strong
To glimpse her cuteness to contact her
Aiyo, em mas sampla samting ya

She must be gorgeous I assume
See her likeness if you presume
I know she is a Simbu lass
And I will be mesmerised
By the features of an angel
Aiyo, em mas sampla samting ya


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Kuri Mathew

Ayo Perfectly written, My Teacher. I was once experienced this too. Yu mas lukim mi na rait er, kondo wa....

Jimmy Awagl

Thanks Daniel. It is a common expression for this modern generation with the influence of mobile phones.

Daniel Kumbon

Aiyo, yupela ol Simbu ya. Yupela save raitm ol gupela poem. Gut wan, Jimmy

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