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Where's the money, Governor Kool, ask Chuave people

Who should take the creditJIMMY AWAGL

AS POLITICKING begins to intensify in the run-uo to next May’s general election, Wera Mori, the member for Chuave in Simbu Province, has alleged the Simbu Provincial Government has used photographs of Chuave District without consent.

The three photographs with the image of Governor Noah Kool were published in the national Post Courier newspaper last Thursday.

Mr Mori claims they are the sole property of the Chuave District Administration not the Simbu Provincial Government.

He says that the Chuave administration should have been consulted about and also given credit for the infrastructure development shown.

“Chuave District is one of the performing districts in the province which also contributed immensely in the infrastructure projects for the wellbeing of the people,” Mr Mori said.

“This has elevated the status of Simbu as one the best performing provinces in the country.”

It was obvious to the people of Chuave that the photographs showed projects initiated under the leadership of Mr Mori and not from the Governor’s provincial improvement funds.

The people know that the Duma–Gun feeder road and upgrading of the Waramai-Koinu road were solely local initiatives.

“The three photographs had no counterpart funding from the Simbu Provincial Government under the leadership of Governor Noah Kool,” said Mr Mori.

The Chuave people are now raising this question of what the Simbu Provincial Government under Governor Kool has done with its provincial funds for Chuave District.

“It would be more appropriate, if Noah Kool used a photograph of infrastructure solely funded by the [provincial services] grant rather than these three photographs portraying the property of the Chuave people,” Mr Mori said.

The Chuave people are demanding a public apology from the Governor Kool for hijacking the photographs which they say had tarnished the reputation of Chuave District.


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Kawale Baa

Nonetheless its a mistake done by the jurno who unintendedly published a picture without properly identifying the projects pictured with its source... the Governor did not also order or chose this footage to be published as is been the case and therefore must also be correctly addressed by the district MP. Blames such as this is baseless.

Paul Waugla Wii

MPs in PNG tend to flaunt their self image in ways that can, at times defying rational judgement.

It is irritating to see public motor vehicles such as ambulances and police vans purchased with public monies bearing the names of MPs.

Who knows in future they might push for legislation to have their portraits imprinted or embedded on all public motor vehicles currently in use.

Just think about the paintwork and the cost of having to do the paintwork all over again once his or her term of office expires and the identity of the incoming office holder must be done on the fleet.

It is really absurd, isn't it?

Mathias Kin

Nogat sem blong Governor Noah Kool. The Simbu government has no development plan that can guide its expenditure of the PSIP funds annually. They spend on an ad hoc basis.

It's like this governor and the administration are driving around with their eyes closed. Very soon they will crash.
This is very much a reflection of what is happening at the national level.

Michael Dom

Sem pasin ia, gavana!

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