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If You Love Me

The Untapped Gold Mine


An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

A gold mine exists deep within,
The human brain.
A mine whose treasures lie hidden,
Under the scalp.

A zillion nuggets no larger than specks,
Light like stars Innumerable.
A rich mine yielding not money,
But the precious gold of ideas.

Golden ideas to make paupers millionaires,
And mediocre men to create empires.
Men who mined great creative ideas,
And put a dent in the universe.

Mine the brain for the treasure it yields,
Ideas precious and powerful.
Mine the thoughts that inspire,
To ennoble and enlighten.

Unleash imagination’s creative powers,
And create what is not.
The fount of invention and innovation,
A divine gift given man.

The power to imagine better,
Is the lot of we mortals.
Cultivating our brain with grand ideas,
Nurturing jewels never yet conceived.

Ideas, the cherished dreams grow wings,
We are one with the thoughts we think.
We can walk with the giants of history,
Saints, sages, wise folks of all the ages.

They mined their brains;
And changed the world.
They left this earth a better place,
Than they found.


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Leo Maso Malala

The cemetery is the richest & wealthiest place on earth as the saying goes. This poem complement this saying.

Our untapped brain that could have made us someone to serve thousands or millions of people are treasures that are buried in graves when we die. Excellent.

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