Poetry is Therapy – plain-talking Papua New Guineans will like this
The problem with PNG – it's lacking some vital ingredients

Lone Fighter


A contribution to ‘My Walk to Equality’, the first anthology of PNG
women’s writing to be published on International Women’s Day, 2017

One day
God took away
My protectors, my father, my brother
So great my fear, as I wonder
How do I live without them?

In this world, in this life
Where violence is rife
Me, a woman is so vulnerable
I feel so feeble
Hopelessness engulfed me

I need them to protect me
How can I face this world without them?
Get a man, people say
You need protection, there’s no other way
You can’t be alone in this bad world

So I did as I was told
I felt happy, secure, when he’s around
Someone to lean on I’ve found
I can face the world with him
Too bad! This happiness was short lived

His true self was exposed
The beatings continued endlessly
Who shall you run to? He’d laugh evilly
He called me a bastard
Treated me like a retard

I cannot face the world with him
I am not Xena the Warrior princess
But I’ve fought the hardest battles
To get out of this pain and misery
It took courage, took willpower, not armoury

Enough is enough! I walked out
From the Mountain top I can now shout
I can face this world on my own!
I stand alone, grapple with whatever comes my way

I stand a strong woman
Who can hustle like a man
I am a fighter
I am my own protector
I can face this world on my own


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Dominica Are

Fr Garry – Thank you. It’s surely a reflection.

Hi Phil – Really appreciate the uplifting words. This is the first time I’ve heard about Helen Reddy so I had to google the lyrics of ‘ I am woman’ . What powerful words! I am definitely downloading the song.

Unfortunately I don’t have and don’t know how to play guitar :) 

I hope to be an inspiration Leo, thank you. Women must not be confined to this cycle of violence, they have to break out somehow and to do that is to have courage.

Vagi Samuel

This piece is beautiful Dominica! I love it... thumbs up :-)

Leo Maso Malala

Courageous women are those who defend themselves & fight back against the evils of humanity.

Women who have not experienced turmoil should read here & get courage from the author.

Good, love it.

Philip Fitzpatrick

As I mentioned in my email Dominica, I really like this poem.

In some ways it reminds me of Helen Reddy's famous song, 'I Am Woman'. Especially the last two stanza's.

You don't happen to have a guitar do you?

Garry Roche

Thoughtful. Makes one reflect.

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