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Poet, speak

Parliamentary facade before the atrocityKASSANDRA KOMPLEX

Poet, speak
That which we are told not to speak, speak
That which uplifts the sad and weak, speak
That which is ignored on the street, speak
That which blesses at day break, speak
That which is a WikiLeaks, speak
That which we seek, speak.

Poet, write
That which we do not want to write, write
That which feeds your mind fright, write
That which keeps you up at night, write
That which is hidden from light, write
That which hearts confide, write
That which is right, write.

Poet, fight
That which no other warrior will fight, fight
That which offers no return delight, fight
That which costs you your sight, fight
That which tests our might, right
That which is not right, fight
That which smites, fight.


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Lapieh Landu

Love this. So true.

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