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Bougainville youth have historic role in building its future

Young women's leadership training program at Chabai, south BougainvilleANTHONY KAYBING

BOUGAINVILLE’S future depends on the ability of its young generation as it will increasingly engage with the global community, says chief secretary Joseph Nobetau, who is encouraging young Bougainvilleans to play a bigger role in the province’s future.

“You are not tarnished by history or prejudice – your journey is just beginning,” Mr Nobetau told a recent graduation ceremony. “As young people you each have a role in writing part of our future.

“You have the opportunity to take on leadership roles and help build a stronger, united and more prosperous future for us all.

“You can do this regardless of the path that you choose to take, whether as young corporate leaders, public servants, community leaders, academics, members of your church and so on.”

Mr Nobetau said that by committing to a collective future, youth can play an important role and he was confident they will make a significant contribution.

“Ask yourselves what you have done to demonstrate leadership and ask yourselves what you can do in the future.

“The world is very much your oyster and I encourage you to be creative and explore all opportunities,” he said.

“Leadership comes from within and each of you has demonstrated leadership through your scholarly work and your commitment to education.”

“As you can see, leadership is not something that is static – it is based on individuals taking responsibility for others with the intention of helping them to learn, improve and grow.

"As each of you embark on your next chapter, whether that be going to university, undertaking additional training, or joining the workforce you too will need to show leadership. 

"This requires maturity and self-awareness and an ability to channel the skills and knowledge that you have gained in your school years to make a difference, whether that be by improving yourself, helping your family and friends or contributing to a broader goal. 

"Each of you have the capacity to lead and I encourage all of you to look within to examine what leadership roles you can take on in the future. 

"As young Bougainvilleans I have faith that all of you will make a very significant contribution."


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