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My Walk to Equality

Two young girls from Papua New GuineaJOYCE DINBI ONGUGLO

The door ajar, my feet move towards the entry
My thoughts run wild of adventures unknown
And so I dream of a life eternal,
You only live once they say
Life is too short they say

Time has its limits, I cannot wait -
I want to climb mountains, I want to ride the waves,
Chase the sun and rest beneath the stars
But your place is inside the home, I hear them say
Your hands are made to cook, to clean and to feed

Let your brother venture out into the wild
Let him hunt and gather – em pikinini man ya
A rock forms in my throat, I voice a desolate sound

As my tears are kept captive, and in this instance
My dreams shatter – na me pikinini meri, I say

The door closes behind me as the moon rises
I cry out in my solitude, I take my hands and I cry out
These are used to nurture, to cook, to prepare a resting place
My brother has found his strength because I kept his shelter safe
He hunts and provides because I feed him and I care for him

Allow me to see life beyond those doors
Make my brother’s hands touch what is within these walls
So my dreams will be his and his dreams, mine.

Let him stay at home and let me run free
Because em pikinini man, na mi pikinini meri


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Joyce D Onguglo

Hi Francis Nii, thank you for your support and kind words, however this piece was written by Joyce Dinbi's niece (Joyce Dinbi Onguglo).

Thank you however for recognising the hard work of Joyce Dinbi, deputy director of the nursing service at the Kundiawa Hospital.

Nalisa Neuendorf

Beautiful, poignant words! Thank you Joyce for articulating what a lot of women and girls feel - let us continue to acknowledge that we as PNG women and girls hold a legitimate place.

Looking forward to reading the anthology of works in My Walk to Equality.

Sila Donu

Simple, beautiful and poetic....and so vivid. I love it.

Francis Nii

A factual exposition of the PNG's most biased gender cultural norm, Joyce. Well done and welcome to PNG Attitude.

Joyce Dinbi is deputy director of the nursing service at Sir Joseph Nombri Memorial Hospital in Kundiawa.

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