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Alleviating cultural dysfunction through women’s literature

Successful Crocodile Prize story-crafting workshop

Writers workshop participantsEMMANUEL PENI

A story-crafting workshop organised for writers by Papua New Guinea’s Crocodile Prize Association last weekend was a huge success.

Over 30 people attended the workshop in Port Moresby with participants ranging in age from 13 to 65 and consisting of writers, readers, enthusiasts and Crocodile Prize fans.

They were hungry to learn, there was enthusiasm and passion, and many people raised insightful questions.

There was also great energy for the future of the Crocodile Prize and the competition itself.

The winners of this year’s Prize are to be announced soon when the judging process is complete.

Russell Soaba in full flightAmong the literary topics discussed were character development, scene writing, point of view and using appropriate language.

The presenters at the workshop included University of Papua New Guinea lecturers Russell Soaba (pictured), Dr Anna Joskin and McPolly Koima.

The Crocodile Prize committee is looking for sponsors for 2017 and also skilled Papua New Guineans to assist with running the Association.

The association is entirely run by volunteers, so if you think you have useful skills please email me here.



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Francis Nii

Thanks Peni and Phil for this brief. It's not an easy process and well done Peni. Heads up mate.

Philip Fitzpatrick

From an email received from Emmanuel a short while ago.

"I am grateful because half the time I guess what is happening and what should be done. It would have been easier if we were working in the same office or share a street. We are lucky to be getting positive response from many funders.

"Mostly they are waiting for our financial statements for this year and will come in a big way to support.

"I will edit and look at the draft [anthology] and add the bits that you have asked me to do. We are committed, I am passionate for this to work. Learnt lots of lessons this year.

"We are waiting for the Independent Judges to come back by this week. Three sponsors have come back to us with their selection of the winners. Waiting for the judges to complete the last three and send to the sponsors to pick a winner.

"Will send you the procedure we are using and the rules - I have done this so we have a written roles and practices to build integrity into the culling, judging and the selection of the winners."

Philip Fitzpatrick

Hang in there Francis.

Manu is doing most of this on his own with only a couple of helpers.

He's raised the funds and has just swung a good deal with a local printer.

This is a test year to establish new protocols. Next year will be a lot smoother.

Francis Nii

We are way in December almost a month late from the scheduled Crocodile Prize winners announcement date of 24 November. Emmanuel, would you have the courtesy to inform the writers throughout PNG the reason for the delay and the new dates for the announcement of the winners and award presentation?

The prolonging and keeping writers in silence and suspense isn't healthy for the cause.

Philip Fitzpatrick

What you could do Jordan is run a workshop on CreateSpace - that would go a long way to helping PNG writers.

You could even take it into the highlands. I'm sure the Simbu Writer's Association and the Enga Writer's Association would be prepared to collaborate to get you up there.

Jordan Dean

I've been living in the caves somewhere in the Amazon all these years and never knew about the Crocodile Prizes and other events. I would have attended or participated.

I am interested in assisting in any way Emmanuel.

Rashmii Bell

Well done Emmanuel and team! Sounds like a great line up of presenters, topics covered and turnout for the workshop.

If it's possible, I'd be interested in merging the document I'd developed for the My Walk to Equality workshop (held in Brisbane) with the document the team developed for your workshop.

Having a comprehensive document that could be shared and used by the SWA, EWA, Port Moresby's Association and other groups forming...

Please let me know on my email [email protected]

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