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Shortlist of finalists in heritage writing award announced

Rich heritage (PNG tourism board)EMMANUEL PENI

SO we move to the announcement of the five shortlisted writers in contention for the 2016 Cleland Family Award for Heritage Writing in the Crocodile Prize.

In announcing the shortlist, I must express my gratitude to my fellow committee members Marlene Dee Gray Potoura, Martyn Namorong, Gretel Matawan, Ruth Moiam, Baka Bina and Joycelin Leahy.

There was a total of 22 entries in the heritage writing category. The Cleland family has sponsored this category since 2012. The people of PNG, especially those who benefit from the award, are in debt to this family and the committee is grateful for their generosity and continued support.

The 22 entries were equally split between women and men and the judges shortlisted five finalists while the Cleland Family is selecting the winner, who will be announced soon.

Heritage is what we have inherited from the past or from our ancestors. It is a collection of features belonging to the culture of a particular society – be it language, traditions, totems, legends, anything created in the past that still has historical or cultural importance.

Within the Crocodile Prize, heritage writing helps capture our culture, traditions, beliefs, stories, songs, values and principles.

There is no better time to write about things from the past than today, when we are confronted with unimaginable change and greater dynamism and complexity in our environment. Yet we still have a strong connection to our past and this is articulated and eloquently captured in these literary pieces.

Despite the limited number of entries, the organising committee and judges were excited to receive them. We want to congratulate the writers who made an effort to capture our heritage. The entries gave amazing and colourful images of our heritage and the scenes created by the writers were like a view through a kaleidoscope.

The entries touched on changing physical and social geographies and gave insights into traditional cultural practices, biodiversity, the effects of climate change, mystical and legendary gods and the intricate social networks that bind and continue to link our lives.

The shortlisted finalists in the 2016 Cleland Family Award for Heritage Writing are:

Morekea Town by Julie Kondi

Wahgi by Gina Amba Mul

Ketar Natis, Killings and Two Grieving Kinsmen by Theresa Gizoria

Christina’s History by Talitha Kove

Cleveland, by Julie Sugoho

The winner will come from one of these five writers and will be announced soon. The organising committee and all friends of the Crocodile Prize congratulate those people who submitted entries in 2016 and we hope to receive more from you in 2017.

We are all indebted to the Cleland Family for their vision and their capacity to give.


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Cynthia Wrongkalm

People nowadays, especially ladies, have the mentality that if they are fat they're healthy.

That's not the thought people should have. One thing is to get their BMI before making any recommendations.

Peter Jokisie

Congratulations to Tess for winning this category. Sorry I couldn't make it to the award ceremony on Thursday.

Proud of you sis.

I missed out on my moment of glory too (Award for Emerging Young Writer),

Thank you so much to the organising committees and the wonderful sponsors.

Julie Kondi

Never thought my writing was that good. Crocodile Prize 2016 Committee and sponsors thanks for the hard work you put in recognising our writers in the country. It's a real blessing.

I really appreciate making the short list in this category. Much appreciated. God Bless.

Daniel Kumbon

Very encouraging to see some new names here, adding more fuel to the PNG literary fire. Let it continue to burn. The finalists - Do not be discouraged for only one will win. Please continue to write.

May I request KJ if he can publish all winning entries in all catergories for the benefit of Attitutude readers? I read some like Alexander Nara's captivating piece 'Silent Tears' but not all. Mi askim tasol.

Congratulations Emmanuel and your team for tending the fire.

I'd be delighted to publish the winners if the committee wants to do that - KJ

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