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A Journo’s Plight


Curious like a hen
Cuckooing around a bit of worm
I am full of words, inside I’m battling to death
Trying to reach you, in black and white truth
Of the country’s politics and games
Of the hero’s narratives and fames
In my head there is a throbbing ache
The truth is a pain; I’ve reached out more than once
Told you so many times

Will telling you make a change, the world a better place?
Unfeeling, daring brave, facing the world telling them
Stories of happenings then and now
Of who and what and how
Like today a cow gives a shit in two toea penny bits
On Mount Sogeri’s pastoral greeneries
Laughable, angry for your sake
Just so you know sometimes I have to fake
Out of the blue stories, who gives a heck?
Cows shit story is a piece of cake
I please hungry money making company

Who cares if you won’t believe me?
I’m not your news-breaking, seeking journo
I’m not here for credit, earning your respect no!
Will I dance and sing for front page news?
Of President Trump signing a truce,
with world leaders in China and Russia too?
You won’t find my name on the back page
on Williams sisters on tennis courts
I don’t write on all kinds of ‘stories give you shock’, ‘tie you in knots’
‘Your head will twist and brains will spills out’ kind

if you gotta have that paper for a lunch out time
Maybe you gotta think twice
Bold, dark, italic headlines aren’t that nice
for your tasty, vegetable, tin fish, rice
Did I say I wrote those ironic lines?
Whatever for the front page is never my byline
So Deep within me I searched and found, a writer, a poet?
I still can’t figure out
I guess I’m just that woman of little words
engaged to an undying love
even heroic deeds could never match
that’s why I’m here then and now,
like a hen
Fighting shamelessly over controversial, sentimental, deadly, exaggerated words,
curiousity can kill, the story is real, breaking news
tell it to yourself.


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Lindsay F Bond

Stretpela tok, tru… essential, dependable, dispelling deception.

Baka Bina

Great piece, Leiao. We need you at the Crocodile.

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