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EMTV features book launch as a top story in its Sunday news



EMTV reporter Serah Aupong was a busy person at last week’s book launch of My Walk to Equality in Port Moresby.

And the package she put together on the book and on Papua New Guinean writers for EMTV News was a model of condensing a big event into a sharp-edged news feature.

Serah's piece, neatly entitled ‘Rising Papua New Guinean Writers, was the second story on EMTV’s Sunday night news.

It featured footage from the lunch, extracts from the launch speech by Dame Carol Kidu and interviews with Lapieh Landu, Loretta Bele Kuwalu and me.

Eighty people attended last Wednesday's launch of My Walk to Equality, the first collection of women's writing to come from Papua New Guinea.

The event was held at The Stanley Hotel and was attended by 15 of the women who contributed to the book and many female journalists based in Port Moresby.

Prominent writer Marlene Potoura travelled from Lae to participate and agreed with other writers that it was a magnificent evening.

The event was sponsored by Paga Hill Development Company, an important supporter of the current resurgence in PNG literature which has seen the production of 40 books by the not-for-profit publisher Pukpuk Publications.


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Michael Dom


Lapieh Landu

Wowsa! Thank you Serah!

Daniel Kumbon

Thanks Serah of EMTV for the good coverage.

And to the Post Courier, TVwan and other news media organisations that see the need for improved literacy as an important tool for the advancement of PNG.

Lindsay F Bond


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