A lot of expat behaviour in PNG leaves a lot to be desired
Corruption overblown, rioting an isolated case, O'Neill argues

Solei Webber is trying to contact Kingsley John Crofts, who would now be in his eighties
and formerly lived in Tavatava 
village near Loloho in Bougainville.
If you can help find Kingsley, contact PNG Attitude through the Comments link below


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Don Doherty

Hi Keith, my name is Don Doherty and I live in Queensland. I was a first cousin of Kingsley John Crofts.

My mother Cecelia Constance Doherty (nee Humphreys) was a sister of Terry Crofts, the mother of Kingsley. He married Grace in PNG and adopted her children.

I'm very sorry to say that Kingsley passed away around 2005 - not sure of the exact year. According to one of my second cousins, he died of cancer before he could be repatriated to Australia for further treatment.

Along with my sister, I am currently researching and writing our family history - focusing on our mother's side. I have, on loan from another second cousin, a bundle of letters by various family members, including some from Kingsley in PNG, mainly from Kieta near Arawa on Bougainville.

I also have a family photo taken in Maroochydore in Queensland about 1952 which includes Kingsley and his sister Pam, as well as my parents and siblings. I presume that Solei Webber was a one-time workmate or friend of Kingsley's. Would that be correct?

I am also wondering if you or Solei might have known or heard of Neil Murray, and old school pal of mine from the 1950s, who had a teaching career in PNG from the late 1950s for 40 years, and also worked for the World Bank for a time later in his career.

Neil, who is still with us, has produced a book entitled 'Education Officer - TPNG' on the first 25 years of his working life in PNG - mainly very descriptive photos with some text.

Anyone who can assist Don in his research can contact him through this website - KJ

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