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Learning from others' experiences & the power of PNG women


IT’S a privilege to attend the launch of this anthology, My Walk to Equality.

This important collection gives practical and insightful meaning to our shared goal of gender equality.

I join with others in congratulating all those involved in the project, including editor Rashmii Amoah Bell, the 45 Papua New Guinean women writers involved and Keith Jackson.

The anthology is a timely vehicle through which the contributing writers have been able to express themselves and speak out about issues that matter, deeply, to all societies. 

The important thing now is that people read it – so that they can learn from the experiences of others, and be inspired, and also because reading, and learning to love books, is such a worthwhile endeavour in itself.

The Australian High Commission wants to support this, so has arranged to purchase 2,000 copies of the anthology.

We’re working with our friends at Pacific Women to ensure that, when the shipment arrives in the coming weeks, it can be distributed to institutions and organisations across the country.

We hope then that more women and men, girls and boys from across the country can read it, and that those beyond, too, can read it and learn more about contemporary Papua New Guinea, and the power of Papua New Guinean women and PNG literature.

Bronte Moules is Deputy High Commissioner of the Australian High Commission in Port Moresby


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Daniel Kumbon

Thank you, Australian HC for purchasing the 2000 books.

I hope copies reach schools in all corners of the coutry.

The girls, mostly in remote schools need the inspiration. May the contributors of the anthology be their role models.

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