Top of the Crocs: Bringing to you the best of the Crocodile Prize
Government arrogance should not trump interests of PNG people

Lukautim money


Moni em wanim
na yu wok hat lo painim
Tingim aw yu save kisim?

Em pundaun lo ski ikam
O em lip blo diwai yu pikim
Sindaun isi pastaim na tingim

Stap lo han na yu guria
belong wanim yu no kilia
Em ino samtin bilo pilai

Mani tok na bai yu kaikai
Mani tasol na bai yu slip gut
Mani bai wokim rot blo kisim save

Na mani too ba oraitim sik
Yu laikim wasman em mani tasol
Yu nonap amamas spos inogat mani

Stap lo han na yu guria
Tingim fokopi na bia
ah ah bai yu kamap pipia

Han blo yu tekewe
Na het gras ronawe
Em nau, yu kam arere

Tintin gut na passim
Mani blo yu, em bai lukautim
Yu na walkabout blo yu


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