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My_Walk_to_Equality_promotional_pic_from_PNG_AttitudeSELA AHOLELEI | Radio New Zealand International

A CONTRIBUTOR to a Papua New Guinea book about women's equality says it's important that it reach more hands.

The anthology 'My Walk to Equality' is published by Pukpuk Publications and edited by Rashmii Amoah Bell and was released in March. The Australian High Commissioner in PNG distributed 2,000 copies to schools and organisations and 3,000 other copies have been distributed free of charge.

Contributor Alurigo Ravusiro said that in a culturally diverse population like PNG, stories of how women deal with social issues deserve a wider audience.

Ms Ravusiro presented her copy of the book to PNG's Olympic Committee's secretary general Auvita Rapilla as a sign of respect but also to get the stories out to more people.

"Talking about this more and holding the tough conversations about what goes on behind closed doors. What goes on within society because it's culture. It's something that's not talked about enough.

“So the book gives a lot of people a look inside what's happening, what the reality is on the ground."

She said it was important for women to be able to share their stories.

"For us in PNG we have so many social issues," she explained. "Maybe because of the different cultures that we have, but then that's also to an extent aggravated by the social and economic challenges that all our countries face."

Ms Ravusiro said some of these stories touched on raw emotional subjects.

"Stories about violence and stories about dads who took care of their children when the mother wasn't there. Stories about their heroes whether that's their mother or father and they are quite painful in a way."

“So in many respects I think people need to kind of prepare themselves before reading the book. You have to be open minded. They are very emotionally charged stories."

Alurigo Ravusiro is a member of the Olympic Committee, wrote two short stories and two poems for the book.


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