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Alliance says it’s on verge of forming a new PNG government

The Alliance arrives in KokopoPETER S KINJAP

THE Alliance group seeking to establish itself as the new Papua New Guinea government, and led by the Pangu Party and National Alliance, is gaining numbers and momentum.

The Alliance said from Kokopo Sunday morning that it had 54 members, just two short of what is required to form a government, and six more MPs are expected to join it in Kokopo including defectors from the PNC ‘camp’ at Alotau..

Pangu Party leader Sam Basil welcomed newly elected Sohe MP Henry Jons Amuli as a new member of Pangu and thanked him.

Mr Amuli said he had been personally invited by Peter O'Neill to travel to the Alotau camp but refused because he had campaigned against PNC.

He campaigned as an independent and said supporters requested that if elected he should not join PNC.

To honour this commitment he had refused to travel to Alotau and instead got in touch with Pangu Party leader Sam Basil.

Mr Basil is in discussions with five other independent members who have expressed interest in joining the party before parliament convenes on Wednesday.


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Rosemary Tamilong

We must all remember that We cannot achieve our plans without God because only The Mighty God makes our dreams successful for the purpose that he put us on this earth .And His Plans are desirable,astonishing and filled with joy,love and happiness

Michael Dom

Nothing need be secret or confidential. MP's represent their electorate and if they wish to show leadership they should be firm and decisive about their choice.

When parliament is called to order by the new Speaker, hopefully Allan Marat, the Alliance need to muster the numbers to become government and with Kerenga Kua helm they may have a better chance.

Jossie Yon

Hi, Sam Basil and all the Pangu, NA, PNG Party and the rest of opposition.

We can see corruption and the elected MPs hijacking practice, they are very obvious.

So please keep whatever plan you have to form government secret and confidential until your action is over and done.

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